About the Artist

Artist Statement

It is the love for the Southwest that I started painting.   It is the people and their lives. Be it their pottery, their animals, heritage or the faces that show the past and future.  I was born in El Paso to parents born in New Mexico and their parents that broke the ground of the West.

The spirit of those people sent me on my way to explore other places and people.  From our great country, to Africa the Massi, elephants, tigers and monkeys, Europe and it’s people, the Caribbean birds and Howler Monkeys at night, watching Polar Bear in the Hudson Bay. On trains, sail boats, ships and by foot.

It is this spirit of the West that always brings me back home.

Then I can’t wait to put these on canvas hoping that others might enjoy the feeling I got seeing all these great things in our world.


Barbara Ivey’s strong Native-American heritage and a family history on ranches in Colorado and New Mexico inspire the western themes of her work.  Creating powerful images of the land and people in bold rich color has created great success for this artist.

In her travels Barbara found watercolor easier to carry and she spent years perfecting her technique, participating in show and getting awards, teaching in Missouri Texas, and New Mexico.  A signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society she served as president of the 800+ membership for 1996-1997.

A trip to Kenya to meet her daughter coming out of Zaire for research, they toured the wildlife parks by train and truck. Barbara found a strong desire to paint the wildlife. Since then she has gone to Manitoba Canada, Alaska, Belize and reserves, Natl. Parks, zoos and road trips , finding subjects to put onto canvas.

A list of juried invitations include the National Cowgirls Museum and Hall of Fame – Heart of the West 2010; C M Russell Miniature Show-Great Falls, MT  ’03-’06 ,’09-’10 ; the CM Russell Auction  ’08,”10; Bosque Conservancy, Clifton, TX ’09,’10; the Gilcrease Miniature Show, Tulsa OK ’94,’01;’04,’06-’09; Cheyenne Frontiers Day Art Show ’08; Colorado Governors Show-Loveland, CO; Albuquerque Museum Miniature Show ’93-’96, ’99-’03; Mountain Oyster Show, Tucson AZ ’96 -’03; Art for the Parks ’98 & 2000; the Missouri Athletic Club “America in Paint and Bronze” as their publication cover artist; the Pecos Roundup, Carlsbad, NM ’94 – ’96; . “The American Women Artist and the West Show” at the Tucson Museum of Art. The Cowgirl Up Show ’07. In 2004 Barbara Ivey was one of twenty-six artists invited to participate in the painting of a three quarter life size buffalo sculpture for the auction to benefit the CM Russell Museum.

Awards include the Grumbacher Gold Medal, Daler-Romney Gold Medal, Artist Choice at the Midwest Gathering of Artists in Carthage MO, and finalist in the Artist’s Magazine Art Competition of 11,500 entries, and many local shows.

Barbara and businessman husband Carl, have a home in the mountains of Southern Colorado where she has a loft studio, and a part time home in Texas. They have three daughters and six grandchildren.

With the surrounding mountains, deer, fox, bear, turkeys and elk in her yard and the Native American reservation nearby she is eager to paint these subjects.

Now painting in oils she hopes to convey the feeling to others she gets with each painting.

2010- CM Russell Auction – March Great Falls, MT; Rio Grande Conservancy South Fork, CO; CM Russell Miniature Show – Sept, Great Falls, MT; Bosque Conservancy – Clifton TX Sept.; Midwest Gathering of Artists, Carthage, MO . Sept; HEART OF THE WEST – NATIONAL COWGIRLS MUSEUM and HALL OF FAME – Oct Ft. Worth, TX , 2009 – Am. Plains Artists June 6, Rio Grande Conservancy-Aug 15, Bosque Conservatory Sept 12: 2008 – Paintings included in the C.M. Russell Show,Great Falls, Montana; Cheyenne Art Show, Cheyenne WY; Gilcrease Miniature Show, Tulsa, OK 3/4 size Buffalo for the CM Russell Museum Foundation. Paintings also included in the Albuquerque Miniature Show, Colorado Governor’s Show, Mt. Oyster Show, Arts for the Parks.